So how did I end up as an expatriate in the land of smelly cheese, the Eiffel Tower and Brigitte Bardot?

Long story short, I copied my parents’ story and moved to another country for love. My parents got divorced when I was fourteen, but that didn’t scare me off from trying to find love in a hopeless place. Or a foreign country.

I was born and raised in Stavanger, Norway by a Polish mother and Norwegian father. In school, I was always the weird kid who spent too much time daydreaming, scribbling, writing poems and not enough time focusing on getting anywhere in life. It took me twenty-seven years to realize that following my dreams is actually a-okay. I shouldn’t be ashamed of who I am or what I wanna do with my life.

So I started sharing all my travel photos accompanied by (in my opinion) well written captions on Instagram, and a year ago I created my travel blog ExploreLoveTravel.net . Lately, my blog has shifted into a more humorous direction. I hate reading straight forward boring blog posts myself, so why would I wanna write something that’s boring?

My dream is to become a published writer. A real writer. Not just a blogger. But someone who writes books. Real books. And that’s what I’m currently trying to do (in Norwegian). But while I’m writing my first novel, I also wanna continue blogging.

Obviously, there will be the weekly blog post on my other blog, but I also wanna use this portal right here to share tips and stories from my life in France as an expatriate. My life as a girlfriend to a Frenchman, a daughter-in-law (well, we’re not married yet) to a French family, work, friendships, the awful French administration, fashion, hotels, culture, art, the language, men, women, places – and last but not least; food!

À bientôt!