How to dress for a date with a Frenchman in Paris

There’s always been this misconception about French women. For some reason, foreigners who have never set a foot in France, seem to think that the French are all a bunch of sexual deviants who smoke a lot and wear little black dresses and killer heels on the metro, at the supermarkets, at the boulangeries, everywhere. Obviously accompanied by bright red lipstick for the ultimate femme fatale look. Since this is the idea a lot of people have of French women in the first place, going out to a restaurant in France – with a Frenchman – can end up becoming quite the awkward experience if you use these stereotypical views as an example for how to act and dress in France, and you’ll end up meeting your date looking completely overdressed.

While going out for fine wine and a three course meal may seem upper class and worth dressing up for, there’s no need to do that in France. Unless your plan is to splurge on a Michelin starred restaurant, then by all means, wear your finest.

But for the typical brasseries you see on every street corner in every city,  and for that cute little bistro you discovered while randomly strolling down the street, just come as you are. Unless, you’re wearing stained sweatpants or dirty overalls.

If you show up in your tightest, shortest dress with the biggest cleavage, you’ll definitely have both men and women staring at you all night. Not because they love your look (well, the men, maybe), but because they’re secretly judging and maybe even slut-shaming you. It might even give your date the wrong idea about what your intentions are. This is mainly a problem in Paris where appearance is everything in the finer neighborhoods, and cat callers are everywhere in all the other neighborhoods.

If you really wanna wear a dress and want to go for something a little more conservative, that’s fine.

I learned from my mistakes. That way too short body con dress I wore for my birthday two years ago, is now only used while I’m abroad somewhere where it’s more acceptable to look like a rapper’s background dancer. And my red, knee-length Ralph Lauren dress is only used on very special occasions.

If you really don’t care what other people think, then go – be you. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Just know, it is perfectly fine to drink champagne and eat foie gras while wearing jeans, sneakers and a random t-shirt.

But if you really wanna impress your date – keep those casual jeans and tee, and spice it up a little with some cool heels, perhaps a statement necklace or earrings –  and a smart blazer. If your tee is patterned, skip the statement jewelry. We don’t want too much going on at the same time.

If you wanna wear a dress or a skirt, go for something cute and simple.

Keep the makeup to a minimum. French women embrace the natural look and often just go for lipstick and a little bit of mascara. What’s more important than any of these things is the perfume. Choose a fragrance that suits your personality!

Here are my favorite examples of  some cute Parisian chic outfits to wear on your date in Paris –  with your lovely Frenchman 


or perhaps something with a touch of color…



or maybe you’d rather go for something cute and innocent?




Now you’re all set. Enjoy your date!



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